Februar 25, 2015 Andrej Pulko

A GLASSHOUSE near Ljubljana

In March will come to life a glasshouse VITA NOVA near our capitol Ljubljana, which features wooden structure in warm translucent colors, transparent glass panels and wooden joinery with triple glazing.

For this family we create a new home, which will have 140 m2 of living space. The center of the ground floor is open and bright living room with kitchen and dining room. In the second floor there are two nice children’s room, a master bedroom with a dressing room and spacious bathroom. The main living area opens up to the slopes where the band of a glass roof gives a special light to complete interior.



VITA NOVA glasshouse is a metaphor for an extremely economical and environmentally conscious exploitation of all energy sources – including passive solar energy. We turn extensive wood and glass construction with a lot of transparency to the south and west, where they catch the most solar energy. On the north side we focus on smaller window surfaces. On such way the heat is collected in the house and at the same time we lose it the minimum of it on the cooler side. The heating costs in such design are extremely small.

Due to its excellent insulation techniques KAGER GLASSHOUSE can boast with 40 percent glazed exterior walls, which is four times more than makes the classical – brick architecture. In cold, but sunny days, the house receives 25 percent of all the energy required for heating using the solar radiation. Due to transparent glazing is the link between external and internal environment almost invisible.



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