A new wooden glass house in vineyards

September 7, 2015
September 7, 2015 Andrej Pulko

A new wooden glass house in vineyards

At the end of the summer holidays we have opened a new construction site in the middle of beautiful wine-growing hills in Slovenia. At Bizeljsko we build a new wooden – glass house which is a representative from our family houses VITA NOVA Classic.

According to our customer’s wish we create a house far away from busy roads, city life and its stress. After many years of working and living in Ljubljana our customer has just wanted to spend his days in the house, which is linked with nature, absorbs an external light and form a home in which he is going to enjoy every moment.


Individuality of this wooden glass house is mainly reflected in the implementation of the entire facade with horizontal paneling of impregnated pine battens. The house is made in KAGER BIO system, where the composition of the insulation elements in the walls and roof construction is designed in such way, that outer air temperature does not penetrate into the interior. One of the biggest advantages is that the pleasant temperature stays in the interior also in hot summer days. Many glass surfaces with triple glazing and its proper orientation enables high energy savings, external blinds provide intimacy and prevent overheating of the house during the hot summer days.

The VITA NOVA glass-house represents a fusion of the outer and inner world. Transparent glass surfaces and wooden construction offer excellent link between external and internal environment. Relationship with the external environment creates a sense of life and contact with nature, which pampers us every day with different shades of colors from all seasons.




Individual glasshouse


KAGER HOUSE Ltd, Ptuj, Slovenia


Bizeljsko, Slovenia

Start of construction:

Summer 2015

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