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Explore the world of wooden prefabrication and learn about the benefits and advanced techniques that make Kager House unique. Discover how our modern technology and traditional craftsmanship create energy-efficient, sustainable homes that harmonize with nature.

What is a Prefab Glass House?
Our Certifications: A Guarantee of Quality
Discover the elegance and efficiency of Kager House’s prefab glass houses
First project in Spain
Advantages of Prefabricated Timber Houses
This is how we guarantee excellent energy performance in Vita Nova homes
How a Kager house is born: all the steps
The house as an organism: the importance of intelligent design
Triple glazing and blinds for thermal insulation in Vita Nova homes
High quality Laminated wood: more resistance, fewer design constraints
Construction technology – The advantages of prefabrication
Low consumption even in winter: this is how we do it
The difference between a Kager House and brick house
Comparison of wooden houses
Seimic safety in real world – Kager House

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