Prefabrication is a construction method that offers various benefits, some of which are universally recognized while others are less known but equally important. Kager’s production technology is based on wooden prefabrication, requiring that all the structural walls are built (or prefabricated) inside the Kager factory in Slovenia.


This is where Kager’s experience, construction technology, and artisan technique come together to create our wooden walls. Subsequently, the walls are transported to the construction site, where our specialized technicians assemble them to create a new home.

But where is this particular production process most useful?

Energy efficiency

Prefabrication brings significant advantages in terms of energy efficiency because it allows us to eliminate many problems related to critical points for thermal insulation, such as windows and doors. Kager construction technology requires that all parts of the walls are completed during the production process in the factory, from the structural components to the materials for thermal and acoustic insulation, up to the fixtures and fittings.


The installation of these elements takes place in a controlled and comfortable environment, where our technicians can operate with the utmost attention to detail and in greater safety than on the construction site, where there are inevitably more risks and operational impediments. This ensures that it is possible to reach the highest quality standards and achieve the total absence of thermal bridges.


Thermal bridges, often found around window and door frames, are areas of the building envelope where greater heat exchange occurs between inside and outside, leading to losses that increase energy consumption. Furthermore, producing the walls within the factory allows us to drastically reduce the risk of damaging the most delicate components, operating in a protected environment with maximum order and cleanliness.


Reduced construction times

Through experience and constant updates, Kager has developed and perfected a unique construction method that combines design, production, construction, and assembly. This results in perfect synergy between the elements, precise to the centimeter, capable of achieving excellent results in thermal and wind tightness, as well as seismic stability.


One significant advantage of this process is the reduction in construction times. Thanks to prefabrication, the work carried out on-site is significantly reduced, shortening on-site construction times to a minimum and delivering the new house to our customers sooner.


Construction times typically last just 2-3 weeks for the advanced raw material stage, while the entire process from the ground floor slab to delivery to the customer is completed in just 4-5 months. (watch the video of the assembly on site ).