December 23, 2014 Andrej Pulko

An excellent result for air-tightness

An excellent result for air-tightness in our glasshouse in Germany

Perfection in design, in details, in production and at assembly is confirmed by an air-tightness test, which was carried out by an independent expert to verify the air-tightness.

The result of 0.44 1/h is even significantly better than is required for passive construction (0.60 1/h).

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Air-tightness of the building is important for energy consumption and to prevent any damage to the outer shell of the building. These injuries can be seen as local moisture and the mold.

Already in a project phase we take into account an expected air-tightness. Achieving a high air-tightness will visibly affect a behavior and a living comfort in the house.

In practice, the buildings, at which we do not pay special attention to air-tightness, reach the value somewhere n50> 3.0 h-1. In foreign countries such as are Austria and Germany, the customers can require the restoration of the building, as long as the air-tightness exceed the following values:

  • energy efficient buildings n50<0 (1/h);
  • low-energy efficient buildings n50<5 (1 /h);
  • passive buildings n50<6 (1/h).
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The full report of the air-tightness test can be read here:

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