What are the stages of building a Kager house?

From verifying the architectural project to turnkey construction, this article summarizes the main steps that will lead you to enter your new wooden house.

Contractual phase


1. Pre-feasibility analysis

The creation of a new Kager wooden house always starts with validating the architectural project. Our technical office analyzes the project delivered to us to verify its feasibility according to Kager technology’s construction specifications.


2. Choice of finishes

With our offices and showrooms in the area, we will guide you step by step in choosing the finishes that will make your new home unique. Faithful to our approach of total project customization, we pay great attention to even the smallest details to meet every expectation. Any solutions not present among the currently available proposals may be developed ad hoc by our technical department.


3. Delivery of the estimate

With the information collected in the first two steps, we develop a complete estimate for the construction of your new home. Each Kager quote is drawn up following our policy of total transparency and cost certainty, delivering a clear, understandable document without surprises.

To find out more, read our in-depth focus “Wooden house estimates: how to read them?” .


4. Signing the contract

If our proposal is accepted, the first phase of the process that will lead to the delivery of your Kager wooden house ends with signing the contract. From this moment on, our team’s attention shifts to the design phase.


Design phase


5. Executive design

Every home we create is a tailor-made, unique, and inimitable project. This is why our technical office dedicates the utmost attention to each project for the study and definition of every detail. The designs will then be sent to the Kager factory for the production of the walls. The accurate realization of the executive project is our trademark and makes the subsequent assembly phase easier, allowing us to respect the times foreseen for the construction of your new home.


6. Load analysis

Load analysis defines the specifications of each structural element, representing one of the most important design steps. This study is carried out by our structural engineering department, made up of specialists in wooden house construction with experience in over 1,500 Kager houses built throughout Kager’s history.


7. Static relationship

The results of the analyses and design steps carried out so far are used to draw up the Certificate of Static Suitability. This document includes the report on seismic safety according to current regulations and represents the last authorization step to obtain the building permit.


Implementation phase


8. Factory production

The construction of the walls of your new wooden house takes place in the Kager factory, in a controlled and optimized working environment to guarantee the best working conditions for our expert workers. This ensures maximum control of the insulation of the walls, benefiting the home’s energy efficiency. This is one of the main advantages of prefabrication. Find out more in our in-depth focus.


 9. Transport to the construction site

Once all the structural elements of the house have been produced, they are transported to the construction site, where the base has already been built, to begin the house’s assembly. It is a process refined with experience, guaranteeing rapid and certain times, and is carried out exclusively by our team of specialized workers.


10. Assembly of the Advanced Blank

At the end of the assembly work on the house, the construction process reaches the so-called advanced rough stage, which includes the assembly of structures (such as internal and external walls, floors, roof, and porches), plastering of external walls, roofing, plumbing, and lifeline.

The time for completing the advanced rough work varies between 3 and 5 weeks, depending on the project’s complexity.


11. Turnkey

Following the completion of the advanced rough work, the following works will be carried out: completion of the internal and external floors and coverings, creation and painting of the internal plasterboard, installation of sanitary fixtures, taps, showers, internal doors, internal staircase, electrical system, hydro-thermo-sanitary, photovoltaic and VMC system, in addition to the customizations envisaged by the project.

The time for completion of the works and turnkey delivery is on average 16-20 weeks.

turnkey-wooden-house construction

This is the last step of a journey involving 150 experts, including engineers, architects, and specialized workers. Your new Kager home is now ready to welcome, protect, and excite you.