December 23, 2014 Andrej Pulko

Individual house »P2«

As we predicted in November, exactly on a specific date we began with assembly of individual house “P2” in the surroundings of town called Maribor in Slovenia. The winter is not in this area yet, so the investors could completed the cellar and the part of the house which is classically built. For a few days now our assembly team has been smoothly carrying out his work, so we are truly going to be able to complete this house till the roof ended before this Christmas.

Kager Hisa_montaza_Pesnica_09

An architect, Miss Mia Crnic, and the investors designed a project for the house on two levels and two different constructions. A part of the house, which is situated on uneven terrain, is carried out in a classical (concrete) – built form and the second part, which lies on the flat part, is made in the system of diffusion-open wooden KAGER HOUSE. In this section an open family place is provided, where are kitchen, dining and living room with access to the terrace and the garden. Diffusion opened Kager House was upgraded with insulation materials made of wood fibers, which are several times increasing thermal stability of the building. High energy savings and the comfort in the house are also upgraded with the installation of wooden sliding doors and windows with triple glazing, which are externally fully protected with aluminum masks. Shading is ensured by external Venetian blinds which protect the interior against direct sunlight and the overheating and what is more, with the controlled angle of blinds we are able to control the amount of light and the privacy.

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Individual house “P2”

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Individual architects’ house

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Surroundings of town Maribor, Slovenia

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Start of construction:

December 2014

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