Lightness of being, freedom

Lightness of being, freedom

The central space represents communication between the residents and the rooms in the house. The central space connects other parts of the house, both in the horizontal and vertical directions. In the horizontal direction by joining rooms in a complete harmonious whole; in the vertical direction by combining rooms with a staircase or even better with a gallery.

The way of life blurs the boundaries between dedicated rooms such as the kitchen, dining and living rooms, playroom … By combining rooms, the result is one large volume in which we can breathe with full lungs. Large volume evokes in us a pleasant feeling of living and quality. By connecting rooms, light gets a free way. Spaces get high-quality light throughout the day.

Open space evokes in us a sense of freedom. It offers us the freedom we desire in our everyday lives. It offers us a path and a way of life that we want to live.

Designing an open space as a place of stay is definitely a challenging job. The room still needs to be functional and aesthetically coherent. This is the basic task of every living space. To design a harmonious and balanced space is a major challenge for every architect.

Usability of an open space is also in its flexibility. It can be transformed into a great place to hang out with friends, it can become a playroom for children and at warm days the extended part of the outer terrace.

Being in a bright and airy space, without barriers and limitations, feels comfortable and free. It gives us a sense of peace and freedom, which we miss in the fast pace of life.