Casa Rita

Architect: Flavio Molteni

Designed with a thought of life

A Mediterranean house lies on Lake Como in Italy. Casa Rita is entirely adapted to the Pre-Alpine hilly area and offers a stunning view of the lake. This villa is designed with a thought that “life goes on”. There is a central pool, a covered pavilion, and a covered terrace with an outdoor dining room in the courtyard.

Functional and comfortable places

The exterior of the house is enriched with decorative rings around doors and windows, which are in a different colour than the basic facade, which is in line with local architecture. The villa is divided into a sleeping tract, left of the entrance, and to a living tract, right of the entrance. A living space with a minimalistic furnishing is bright, functional and mostly comfortable. A special place is given to a home office, which offers a marvellous view on surrounded hills.

"This villa is designed with the thought that life goes on."

Two ships, connected by a corridor

The idea of the architects was to design a house as two ships, connected by a corridor, which is characterized by a number of wooden windows and larch paneling. The rooms are bright and open and because of love for wood, the ceiling is also made with visible beams. The sandstone also appears on some interior walls.
In the walls and in the roof structure there are insulating materials exclusively from wood fiber with extraordinary heat – insulating properties which several times increase thermal stability of the house. On hot summer days there is a very comfortable temperature without need to use of any additional cooling.

The central space represents communication between residents and between different spaces in the house. The central space connects the other parts of the house in the horizontal and vertical directions. In the horizontal direction there is association with combining the space into a common coherent whole, in the vertical direction by combining with staircase and gallery. By combining the rooms we get a large volume in which we can breathe with full lungs. A large volume evokes in us a pleasant feeling of living and quality, as quality rooms receive a light throughout the day. It gives us a sense of peace and freedom, which we miss in our every-day living.

The presented VITA NOVA house inspires us with its elegance in transparent glass – wooden structure in white color. A special beauty is increased by furniture elements which were made by selected local craftsman. The refined taste and a special sense of beauty of these proud owners is definitely seen at every step.