Glass houses represent a huge energy potential

Glass houses represent a huge energy potential, but certain legalities need to be taken into account while constructing them. The translucent wrapper allows the flow of free solar energy, greater isolation and the transmission of sunlight, which even increases the importance of this factor. The problem could only be warming due to sunlight and overheating of the house, but this problem can be easily resolved by consistent shading with external shades and blinds. If the house is heated by an air-to-water heat pump, a drop of pressure in heating system due to the fall of the outside temperature must be taken into account. The latter, which increases the need for primary energy can be replaced with other types of heat pumps (ground –water or water-water) and thus reduce the deficit in the most energy-consuming months.

When constructing glass houses, we need to pay attention not only to excellent results from energy indicators, but, in particular, to the client, who is building his home. The sustainability principle, which is fully summarized in the design and implementation of houses, is one of the most important factors. The house should be seen throughout its durability cycle, taking into account the longevity of embedded components, the needs of residents in different life periods, the living costs and, of course, the psychological function of the building. Contact with nature Vita Nova is inextricably linked with nature, because its basic and primary structure is made of wood. The wood that is built into Vita Nova is of the highest quality. Contact with nature is not only provided by natural materials that surround us, but also by transparent glass surfaces, that allow us to experience the surroundings every hour of the day, at any season and in any weather. Through the large glass surfaces we can see the first sun rays of the day and from the shelter of the living room we can observe last ones of a cold autumn evening. With a book in our hands, looking in the distance, we can listen to the raindrops, which forecast the far-away storm. Sitting beside a fire from a fireplace we can watch the arrival of the winter days, announced by the first snowflakes. Life in Vita Nova does not only represent a superior living comfort, rather it is a first-hand experience of our environment. Natural light is one of the essential factors that affect it. In the morning, light is different than at noon or in the evening. In New York it is different than in Barcelona or Paris. All of this affects our physiological processes in the body and our soul. If you enter a dark room, you can get in a bad mood. However, if you come to a bright place, you can improve your well-being.

Contact with nature at all times of your stay

Architect: KAGER HOUSE

They decided to construct the Vita Nova Edition house, which embodies the elegance and presents surpluses in the system of wood-glass construction. Due to glazing of the entire façade and facades, it is made for the suburbs, where it can stand out in full beauty on big enough land.

Calm neutral colours on the outside of the house emphasize its elegance and tranquillity, while transparent glass surfaces connect it to the surroundings. The house constructed of basic wood, glass and diffusion-open materials is complemented by the installation of wooden furniture made of glued spruce timber with three-layer glazing, which further enriches the house with its appearance and energy saving quality. Built-in external blinds and shades also contribute to greater comfort and thermal stability, enabling partial darkening of rooms and protection against direct sunlight rays. By varying the inclinations of these lamellas, the amount of light coming in can be adjusted. Due to possibility of overheating the house during hot summer months, the roof is constructed with wooden fibre insulation materials that offer great protection of overheating of the house.

"The proud owners have thus entrusted us with their experience of living in Vita Nova: “Every day, when we come home, it’s like going on vacation. The house feels open, like it is a breathing living being. The comfort of our home and its surroundings gives us tranquillity and relaxation.”"

Openness, ease of living, freedom

The central space represents connection between its residents and the premises in the house. It also connects the remaining parts of the house in a horizontal and vertical direction. In the horizontal direction, it connects them by combining the spaces into a common harmonic unit, and in the vertical direction, it combines them with an open staircase and a gallery. By combining the rooms into a single open space, a large volume is created, which gives a pleasant and quality feeling of living, as well as receives more natural sunlight throughout the day.

Staying in a bright and airy space without obstacles and limitations is very pleasant and free. It gives us a sense of peace and freedom which we need at this rapid pace of life. A sophisticated sense of beauty and quality of living was created by the owners with the cooperation of experts from the Interrier Showroom, where they chose kitchen and ceramics, whereas the lighting design was provided by KSL Studio.

LIVING AREA: 204,33 m2
BUILT-UP AREA: 12,20 m x 12,20 m
KNEE WALL: 130 cm
ROOF SHAPE: Gable roof