Contemporary flat roof house

Architect: Andrea Calegari

We present you the story of Mr. Andrea Erbetta, an engineer in aviation industry, who lives with his family for six month in a KAGER house in Boca, in the province of Novara. The concept for this individual house was designed by an Italian architect Andrea Calegari, but its final image is the result of cooperation between experts of KAGER-HISA, the architect and the client himself.

A desire of the owner was to have a house with two floors and a spacious interior which is interconnected. Another wish was to have a house that is distinguished by its use of simple shapes but doesn’t reflect classic architectural forms. So, he decided for terraces, balconies, carports, and extensions, but in new shapes and connections.

"During a day we watch the play of a sun light that passes through the shadows and highlights individual forms but focuse on the whole volume of the house. In the meanwhile, large glass surfaces allow direct relationship between interior and a private garden."

The entire ground floor occupies an open living room with a kitchen and dining room. On the first floor there is a master bedroom with a dressing room and a large terrace and there are also children rooms for a boy and a girl who are enjoying in a view to the surrounding hills.

KAGER-HOUSES, accurate to a millimeter

“We are a four-member family with two children. We lived in an apartment that was built decades ago, unfriendly and with bad arrangement. We decided that we are going to build a new home that will be comfortable, friendly and energy efficient.