Contemporary flat roof house
Architect: Andrea Calegari

Novara, Italy


Andrea Calegari


We present you the story of Mr. Andrea Erbetta, an engineer in aviation industry, who lives with his family for six month in a KAGER house in Boca, in the province of Novara. The concept for this individual house was designed by an Italian architect Andrea Calegari, but its final image is the result of cooperation between experts of KAGER-HISA, the architect and the client himself.

A desire of the owner was to have a house with two floors and a spacious interior which is interconnected. Another wish was to have a house that is distinguished by its use of simple shapes but doesn’t reflect classic architectural forms. So, he decided for terraces, balconies, carports, and extensions, but in new shapes and connections.

The entire ground floor occupies an open living room with a kitchen and dining room. On the first floor there is a master bedroom with a dressing room and a large terrace and there are also children rooms for a boy and a girl who are enjoying in a view to the surrounding hills.
"During a day we watch the play of a sun light that passes through the shadows and highlights individual forms but focuse on the whole volume of the house. In the meanwhile, large glass surfaces allow direct relationship between interior and a private garden."

KAGER-HOUSES, accurate to a millimeter

“We are a four-member family with two children. We lived in an apartment that was built decades ago, unfriendly and with bad arrangement. We decided that we are going to build a new home that will be comfortable, friendly and energy efficient.

We were already in the final stages of negotiations with a contractor, when it turned out to be an unreliable partner. The last moment I decided that I will not cooperate with him and I just started from a scratch. But at this point we were having a big problem with timing and a speed of execution, because before that we have carefully prepared for a future moving with a strict timetable.

Not only that the company KAGER-HOUSE solved all our previous problems, it has even turned out to be faster than any other potential contractor, and particular, accurate to a millimeter. Construction began in November 2013 and in May 2014 we were already able to move in to our new house. Although at first I didn’t give a specific focus on a construction technology of timber-frame houses and the use of wood as a building material, a technology of our KAGER-HOUSE surprised us in a really positive way: the house represents an unbelievable comfort. Previous apartment was full of thermal bridges, the areas inside had been even very hot or very cold, but the new house has extremely thermal stability. Not to mention the minimum cost of heating, which has drastically reduced and what is more a very low impact to environment.

When building new home investors face themselves with extremely difficult and expensive investment, so the feeling of safety, reliability and cost control are the key criteria by which we were extremely satisfied; as well the opportunity that we have participated in the project. At first I was afraid, because there were no restrictions on construction and design and also on windows, doors, blinds, which have followed. Cooperation in your-house-project gives you a truly amazing and creative freedom. Now that we have lived in a house for a few months, I can say that our KAGER-HOUSE is beautiful, practical, suitable for children and very nice. A KAGER company-team has proven at all levels; not only during a project estimates (our costs did not increase due to incorrect estimates), but also during construction with amazing speed and accuracy, as well as the after-sales service: for every our little need, they have responded very well after the completion of all works, without any costs, with a high speed and reliability. Our KAGER-HOUSE is definitely in the foreground: advanced technology, high efficiency, high living comfort, no humidity and temperature fluctuations. And besides this, we did not have a feeling of anxiety, which always appears at the customer, because you never know what can happen unexpectedly. A team Kager has prepared estimates that have not grown at the time of building, but were very accurate. They are reliable, timely and available after the assembly of the house, which was at the highest level. Really positive experience in all aspects and their so I recommend them without any restraint.“

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