Geometry of three elements

Architect: Maurizio Forello, Alessandro Ciapponi

We introduce you to a house, which was built in the town of Cureggio in the Italian province of Novara. It was created according to a client’s wishes and by the concept of the architects Maurizio Forella and Alessandro Ciapponi.

The project represents the geometry of three elements: a central part with gable roof on two floors and two wings on the ground floor with a flat roof. Large glass surfaces connect the interior with outdoor swimming pool and terrace, and allow the entry of light into the living room throughout the day. The sun brightens the large living room, which is located in the main building with an open double-height to the ridge, where a gallery with an overhead walkway provides access to a balcony overlooking the pool. An outstanding wall clock and a filigree-worked ceiling in white give a unique charm.

While the main family living is provided in an open living area in the central part of the house with the gable roof, in the left wing of the house there are two children’s room with their own bathroom and a parents’ bedroom with a separate bathroom and a dressing room. All rooms have a view and access to the terrace with a swimming pool. Left wing of the house is designed for the garage.
"A special charm gives an outstanding wall clock and a filigree-worked ceiling in white color."

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