Glass house among the vinyards

Architect: KAGER HOUSE

A family from Maribor a few years ago wanted to move from the urban environment to the outskirts. Their country cottage will be replaced by environmental friendly, natural, bright and big enough house for their family. They have personally met the Company KAGER-HISA through their family friends who have entrusted their positive experiences on non-stressful cooperation and a pleasant living in the house KAGER. Representatives from the company then personally presented their business and production premises and already built houses, where they gained a lot of useful information from the owners.

In a very nice memory they have many visits by Mr. Friderik Kager at their site of construction, his placements of the house and many handmade sketches of the planned appearance of the house in their piece of land. With his sketches they have already imagined the final appearance of the house in a given environment, which fascinated them and lead to a decision that they want just such a house and a new home at the same time.

"Center-located fireplace is a key point of living area. In cold winters it heats an open lounge, which occupies almost all ground floor and an open gallery, which extends to the ridge."

Due to the steep and difficult terrain the classical builders have coordinated the implementation of the basement for several months that was it constructed in accordance with the project and prepared for the set-up of the KAGER-HOUSE. At the same time it was accompanied by more bad weather and lots of rain, which increased their concern. But on the day of arrival of trucks with elements of the house Kager, the sun came out, which enabled them to have a house built under the roof in the next few days.

In cooperation with the KAGER-HISA they also completed all wooden terraces and carport for the cars. These days, when they occasionally meet each other with the colleagues from assembly team, they are so happy to have a chat and talk about their adventures.


LIVING AREA: 161,23 m2
BUILT-UP AREA: 12,16 m x 11,41 m
KNEE WALL: 120 cm
ROOF SHAPE: Gable roof