Glass house – Pampering at home

Architect: KAGER HOUSE

There is a VITA NOVA under the hillsides of Pohorje, covered with shades of elegant grey, which offers you pampering at home. It feels good to relax in a Jacuzzi late in the evening, when you have the chance to reward yourself with some precious minutes. In the summer, a jump into the pool is an excellent chill-out.

Additionally, there is a summer kitchen in order to move away to solitude or to have a pleasant time with your friends in a rustically furnished place.

The entry of light into the room is enabled by a band of glazed roof

The main space is presented by a big living room, which opens upwards and continues towards an open dining room. Big windows connect the indoor ambient with an outdoor terrace and a pool. A band of glass roof gives the house a special charm.

"Most of these perceptions happen on the subconscious level but they are crucial for our existence."

The view of the outside is one of the most important factors. It provides us with the contact and enables us to retrieve information about the external environment. The second level may be a bit less conscious, the psychological impact of the outside view. Studies have shown that patients in hospitals recover more quickly when having a view of the outside.


Natural light is one of the essential factors that affect it. In the morning, light is different than at noon or in the evening. In New York it is different than in Barcelona or Paris. All of this affects our physiological processes in the body and our soul. If you enter a dark room, you can get in a bad mood. However, if you come to a bright place, you can improve your well-being.


LIVING AREA: 221,34 m2
BUILT-UP AREA: 12,36 m x 14,76 m
KNEE WALL: 130 cm
ROOF SHAPE: Gable roof