Glass house with a view

Architect: KAGER HOUSE

A tradition with a youthful appearance

The brand VITA NOVA is celebrating a 15th anniversary this year. A house, planned for a four-member family, is an inspiration for creating the new ones. A skeleton construction enables to be seen in all of its beauty.

In an embrace of natural wood colours

Placed on the hill the house offers a marvellous view on surroundings. A home cosiness is created by wood in natural colour which is connected to the outdoor by a pergola. A sofa in the shade of red colour additionally stresses the natural wood colour.

"A sofa in the shade of red colour additionally stresses the natural wood colour."

The houses is really built wisely, but for a relaxing living, while remaining breathable and open. High ceilings, clean lines, full of natural light and warm materials, make the home more virtual and pleasant. Above all the owner can control the heating, cooling and shading of his house, with the purpose to achieve the maximum of energy savings.

Each home is different and reflects the particular needs and wishes of the owner and the environment in which it’s located. Because of this diversity, the selection of materials will complete each home. When we design a new home, we always make the selection of materials. Besides this selection, there are also important durability, easier maintenance and the possibility of subsequent recycling. We strictly use controlled original wood and as well isolation from processed wood-waste. At every step, we strive to reduce the environmental impact in terms of the use of materials throughout the entire life-cycle of the building.


LIVING AREA: 133,84 m2
BUILT-UP AREA: 11,12 m x 7,52 + 1,2 m
KNEE WALL: 130 cm
ROOF SHAPE: Gable roof