House from the basic wooden construction and diffusion-opened materials is complemented with pine wood windows, balcony and sliding doors, with triple glazing, which enriches the house in its appearance and energetic sense. On the comfort and thermal stability also influence external venetian-blinds, which allow partial shading and protection from direct sunlight. Because of the possibility of overheating the house through the roof structure during the hot summer months, we have built in the insulating materials from wood fiber that offers maximum protection against overheating of the house.

For living in the house the owner wanted that the ground floor offers everything they need – open living and dining room with kitchen, bedroom with wardrobe, bathroom and technical room. The heart of the living room presents a beautiful tiled stove, representing the Slovenian tradition, while also allowing heating of the whole house during the transitional periods. Its invaluable role was particularly demonstrated in last winter when the ice disabled for a few days the flow of electricity and heating with a heat pump. Although the owners don’t need the attic, it is equipped with two large bedrooms for guests or for their grandchildren, who love to spend a day or two on this beautiful place. Link to the attic is an open gallery with a belt of glass roof which is also an excellent source of sunlight and heat. To avoid overheating the house during the hot summer months through the glass roof, it has to be protected by an external sunshade. Special attention was paid on living on the terrace with a natural swimming pool and with the views of surroundings. The terrace is shaded by pergola of laminated pine wood, which is also protected by a sheet metal that allows protection against the weather. Terraces floorboards are also made of impregnated pine wood. On one cold spring day we asked the owner how he is pleased with his new glasshouse and he told us: “Last night I just sat in the living room and enjoyed when I watched the rain and the nature by my house.”

Glasshouse in the countryside

Architect: KAGER HOUSE

With this unique glasshouse we present another dimension of our creativity – how to connect glass-wooden construction with the construction of houses in rural areas and to preserve its architectural heritage. This beauty is located in Slovenske gorice, not far from a town called Ptuj, and offers beautiful views over the hilly area around it.

On the site of today’s VITA NOVA house has already few years ago stood farmhouse flanked by the outbuilding and stables. When today’s owners knew this location, they immediately realized that they it’s offering something that Maribor and Ptuj cannot give. Rural life in the hilly region offers them grazing animals, they have wanted for so long. At the same time, a quiet life, far from the urban hustle and bustle of normal business obligations. And countless mornings and sunny days, when the city of Ptuj has been drowning in the fog.

"Although the owners don’t need the attic, it is equipped with two large bedrooms for guests or for their grandchildren, who love to spend a day or two on this beautiful place."

When we developed the concept of this glasshouse, we needed to consider that it has to complement the outbuilding on the property, and in particularly take into account the architectural heritage of rural family house in this area. The classical elongated floor plan and saddle roof with a steep slope was supplemented with grafted roof of the same type and slope and cover part of the house and the roof for the cars. Brick red color of tiles is aligned with the roofs of other buildings on the plot. Transparent glass surfaces on the foreheads of the house are shaded with stripes of impregnated pine wood, which are also carried out on the walls of a shelter for the cars.

LIVING AREA: 163,18 m2
BUILT-UP AREA: 12,56 m x 7,56 m + 4,56 m x 3,8 m
KNEE WALL: 130 cm
ROOF SHAPE: Gable roof