Luxury on the ground floor

Architect: Andrea Foll

The project in Verona represents a modern exclusive, designed by architect Andrea Foll and his client, who had a desire to live in a modern and luxurious two-apartment ground floor house. On an area of ​​900 m2, a unique project was created on one floor, where a larger, luxurious apartment for a family of four and a smaller, also very comfortable apartment for one person are separated.

The project is distinguished by excellently designed architecture, which provides both open family spaces without any obstacles, as well as intimacy when needed. Each family member has a bathroom and a wardrobe next to their room, and the bedroom for parents is enriched with a view and access to the pool terrace. Staying in the open living area is intertwined with the outdoor luxury on the covered loggia or pool terrace through numerous glass surfaces.

A special feature of the interior is the very thoughtfully placed work cabinet next to the open living space, which is separated only by a metal-glass construction and thus complements the stylish interior. The ambience is enriched by the play of natural and artificial light created by various lights. Hidden ceiling and floor, hanging and table lights intertwine in a sophisticated way and round off the elegant interior.