Modern and a simple house

Architect: Andrea Ravagli

The house in the province of Milan was designed by the architect Andrea Ravagli. A family wanted a modern and a simple house with clean lines, a white facade, with large windows and mainly related to the garden.

An entirely open space on the ground floor is directly connected with an outdoor pool and the green areas surrounding the house. The first floor is intended for a quiet work and a relaxation of all family members. It is divided into three spacious bedrooms, each with its own dressing room and a bathroom. Two rooms are also enriched with balconies overlooking the beautiful garden.

"a modern and a simple house with clean lines, a white facade, large windows and mainly related to the garden"

The house is made of diffusion open materials which provide diffusion flow of moisture from the interior and also very good thermal insulation characteristics. The house of basic wooden construction and diffusion-open materials is complemented by the installation of three-layer joinery, which upgrades the house with its appearance and energy conservation. Thermal stability and living comfort are even better because of external Venetian blinds which allow partial shading and protect the interior from direct sunlight. What is more, you can change the inclination of the blinds and regulate the amount of the light. Integrated mosquito nets prevent the insects to come into the house.

The heating of the house and the hot water is provided by the heat pump and the solar system. Due to its energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials the house is classified in energy class A +.