Over 35 Years of Experience

Our technical solutions are based on decades of experience in building timber structures and the latest findings in the use of eco-friendly materials. The origins of our company date back to 1989, with our initial experiences in prefabricated timber houses starting in the 1970s in the USA and Germany.


Every house is individually designed according to the client’s requirements, needs, and wishes. We have satisfied more than 1000 families in Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Russia, and Ukraine with our personalized approach.

Construction Speed

Prefabricated components of KAGER houses are assembled on-site within three days. Since the construction process, except for the screeds, is dry, the house does not require prolonged drying and is ready for occupancy within eight months.




KAGER houses meet the highest architectural standards in terms of both interior and exterior design and timeless elegance. All structural elements are produced using CNC machines based on 3D computer models, ensuring error-free construction. Our team includes civil engineers, skilled carpenters, joiners, and other professionals. All wood is handcrafted.

Optimal Execution at All Project Levels

At KAGER Hiša, we ensure optimal execution of all project phases – from initial consultation, planning, production, supervision, to final implementation.


Stress-free planning with predefined deadlines, fixed construction costs, and guaranteed quality of the final product. The price for each house is determined after a thorough analysis of all client-specific requirements and expectations.


A KAGER house represents infinite design possibilities. We can meet any specific requirement, whether it’s a luxurious villa, a country house, or the most modern architecture. Your desires, needs, and lifestyle dictate the final appearance and function.

Energy Efficiency

The principle of every KAGER house is to use all energy sources as economically and ecologically as possible – including passive solar energy. Extensive timber-glass structures with high transparency are oriented from east to west, capturing maximum solar energy. Conversely, smaller, more cold-resistant windows face north. This design allows the house to capture and retain heat efficiently, resulting in very low heating costs.

Health and Comfort

Timber is a natural material that positively impacts health and overall well-being, creating a warm and homely atmosphere. Our houses are built from natural, renewable materials, with a construction volume smaller than traditional buildings. Additionally, the energy required for the creation and deconstruction of the house is minimal.

Earthquake Safety

KAGER houses are earthquake-safe. The supporting structure of our prefabricated timber houses has a high energy absorption capacity, making them resilient to seismic activity. This characteristic is due to the unique design, primary timber structure, cladding, and connecting materials.

By choosing KAGER Hiša, you invest in a prefabricated timber house that offers customization, quick construction, and superior quality, all while ensuring energy efficiency and sustainability.