American Style Villa – KAGER

American Style Villa

Flat roof house


Lead Architect/ Mirco Fummi

Size/ 265 m2

Roof Shape/ Modern design


Reflecting its owner’s unique tastes, the villa combines contemporary design with meticulous customization, showcasing a truly tailor-made living environment. Inspired by the architectural style of American villas overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the villa boasts large terraces, light colors, and expansive windows.

Custom-made wooden villa inspired by American style 🏡

The living area features a double glass wall overlooking the swimming pool and the tropical-inspired outdoor garden, combining native essences with exotic species.

Stylish details, like miniLEDs on the double-height ceiling, create a starry sky effect in the evening, enhanced by a glass walkway increasing brightness.


Modern design with custom architectural solutions.

Expansive glass walls and stylish details.

Integrated photovoltaic system and heat pump.

Tropical-inspired outdoor garden.

“Designed with a modern aesthetic, this custom wooden villa captures the owner’s vision, who was deeply involved in every step, resulting in a personalized living space.”

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