Cityscape Glass Home – KAGER

Cityscape Glass Home

Gallery house

Timber Frame



Lead Architect/ Irina Karlikova

Size/ 242 m2

Roof Shape/ Gable roof


We present to you a house, made by technology using structural glass walls, allowing for the complete glazing of the house facade. Combined with the grey color of the wood, the house exudes timeless elegance.

Custom-made wooden villa: Serene escape within the urban landscapešŸ”

Inside, the dominant grey theme, together with marble and a grand chandelier in the living room, creates a sense of refined luxury. The openness and connection between the ground floor and the upper floor are achieved with an open gallery, while the roof glazing offers a view of the nearby castle.

The living room opens up to the upper part of the house, creating a direct connection between the ground floor living areas and the open gallery. A transparent staircase, occupying minimal space, leads to the gallery which provides a workspace with breathtaking views of the surrounding nature.


Complete facade glazing.

Urban integrtion providing a peaceful retreat within the city.

Open gallery connecting the ground floor and upper floor.

Roof glazing offering a view of the nearby castle.

“Combining complete facade glazing with an open gallery and roof glazing, this house offers stunning views of a nearby castle and a tranquil retreat amidst the city’s bustle.”

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