Countryside Retreat – KAGER

Countryside Retreat

Ground floor house


Lead Architect/ Individual architect

Size/ 207 m2

Roof Shape/ Gable roof


This custom-made wooden villa is a prime example of architecture in complete harmony with its surrounding environment. Located near Imola, this home is nestled entirely within the countryside, which was a central element in its design.

Custom-made wooden Villa: Architectural harmony with the countryside 🏡

The architecture seamlessly integrates with the countryside. The villa, characterized by soft colors, is spread over a single floor, following the gentle slope of the land.

The interiors are marked by a minimalist and naturalistic style, with colors and materials that continually reference the surrounding environment.


Seamless integration with nature.

Single-floor design.

Spacious outdoor area including a swimming pool and a veranda.

Minimalist interior reflecting the surrounding countryside.

“The owners’ primary request was to enjoy the landscape in every season, leading to the creation of a spacious outdoor area complete with a swimming pool and veranda.”

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