Dual Luxe Villa – KAGER

Dual Luxe Villa

Flat roof house


Lead Architect/ Andrea Folla

Size/ 700 m2

Roof Shape/ Flat roof


We present you a modern, exclusive residential project designed by architect Andrea Folla in collaboration with the client, who desired a contemporary and luxurious single-story, two-residence villa. On a 700 m² area, this unique project comprises a larger, luxurious residence for a family of four and a smaller, yet equally pleasant residence for a single person.

Modern exclusive living in a luxurious two-residence Villa 🏡

The project boasts meticulously planned architecture, providing spacious and open family areas without barriers while ensuring intimacy when needed. Each family member has their own bathroom and wardrobe adjacent to their room, and the master bedroom features a view and access to the pool terrace.

The house features highly efficient technological solutions such as controlled mechanical ventilation and underfloor heating, ensuring the heating and cooling of the home. Electricity is generated via a photovoltaic system.


Dual-residence single-story layout.

Spacious open-plan living areas.

Photovoltaic system for energy efficiency.

Metal-glass structured office space.

“A special feature of the interior is the thoughtfully placed office adjacent to the open living area, separated only by a metal-glass structure, complementing the stylish interior design.”

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