Glass Wood House – KAGER

Glass Wood House

Flat roof house

Timber Frame



Lead Architect/ Irina Karlikova

Size/ 448 m2

Roof Shape/ Flat Roof


Situated in the heart of Europe, we proudly present this custom wood and glass villa. The villa features entire walls made of structural glass, creating stunning visual effects both inside and outside the home.

Embracing nature with structural glass walls 🏡

The villa blurs the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, fostering a seamless connection with the surrounding forest. Each room is immersed in the landscape, making the home an integral part of its natural setting.

The architect designed open spaces to enhance the house’s brightness and create a sense of lightness. The villa is developed on two levels with distinct plans, featuring large terraces and deep annexes that allow residents to fully enjoy the natural surroundings.


Technology with structural glass walls.

Seamless integration with natural landscape.

Open space design enhancing brightness.

Large terraces and deep annexes.

“Exceptional living experience offered by this custom-made wooden villa, where innovative design seamlessly integrates with the beauty of nature.”

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