Grand Pillars – KAGER

Grand Pillars



Lead Architect/ Individual architect

Size/ 367 m2

Roof Shape/ Hip roof


This building was constructed as a recovery of a former rural structure that functioned as a stable and barn, presented to us in a ruined condition. The countryside still showcases many similar buildings adapted as homes.

Custom-made wooden villa: A fusion of modern design and personalized luxury 🏡

Inspired by the typical barns of the area and not constrained to reconstruct the exact same building, we designed a two-story house with two large porticoes on a square plan and a 4-pitched roof.

The flexibility of Kager construction technology and the lightness of wood allowed us to vary the shapes of the first floor compared to the ground floor, creating a singular movement of staggering between the two levels, resulting in a striking play of light and shadow.


Traditional and modern design elements.

Dynamic play of light and shadow.

Spacious two-story layout with large porticoes.

Tall pillars creating volumetric perception.

“The combination of solids and voids, along with tall pillars, offers a dynamic volumetric perception as sunlight accentuates the different volumes.”

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