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Handcrafted Home

Flat roof house

Ground floor house



Lead Architect/ Individual architect

Size/ 180 m2

Roof Shape/ Flat roof


The wooden villa stands as one of the most successful examples of customized living concepts. What makes this house completely unique is the touch of the owners who refined every detail of its creation. Almost all architectural and furnishing choices reflect the needs, tastes, and habits of the villa’s inhabitants. The result perfectly mirrors the mood dictated by the surrounding environment, characterized by a rustic undertone in the decor.

Custom made wooden Villa: Personalized perfection 🏡

The home is spread over a single floor and comprises three distinct sections: the garage, the central body with the kitchen, living room, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms, and lastly, the gym. These three elements are distinguishable from the outside due to the clever use of alternating forms and materials: the claddings and roofs vary from sloping to flat.

This creates a play of volumes based on the alternation of solids and voids, making the villa’s facade intriguing from every viewpoint.


Personalized design and furnishing.

Three distinct architectural sections.

Alternating forms and materials.

Single-floor layout with integrated gym.

“From being involved in the design process to crafting much of the furniture, the couple had the opportunity to realize their dream by personalizing every aspect.”

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