La Grande Villa – KAGER

La Grande Villa

Gallery house


Lead Architect/ Andrea Ravagli & Maddalena Sancisi, SPAZIOLIBERO

Size/ 630 m2

Roof Shape/ Hip roof


We present to you La Grande Villa, a unique project showcasing a blend of glamour, exclusivity, and advanced energy technology. This project is the result of the collaboration between architects Andrea Ravagli and Maddalena Sancisi, resulting in diverse architectural solutions ranging from urban planning to interior design.

La Grande Villa: A fusion of glamour, exclusivity and energy technology 🏡

The building consists of two structures with distinct architectural features, united by clean and elegant lines, situated in a large private garden. It stands out for its aesthetic appeal, harmoniously blending with the surrounding countryside.

The house boasts a natural stone exterior and a majestic covered terrace adorned with large beams. In contrast, the glass balcony railing and expansive glass surfaces add elegance, creating a sense of lightness and spaciousness.


Fusion of traditional and modern design.

Energy-efficient technologies.

Natural stone exterior with majestic covered terrace.

Automatic external electric blinds.

“The absence of natural external shading facilitated the development of a heating system that optimally utilizes solar energy, thanks to the careful design of the facades and the arrangement of the interior spaces.”

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