Lake Glass House – KAGER

Lake Glass House

Gallery house

Timber Frame



Lead Architect/ Irina Karlikova

Size/ 408 m2

Roof Shape/ Gable roof


We present you with a project realized in Europe. The construction of an exclusive wooden villa exemplifies the Kager tailor-made construction approach.

Custom wooden villa: Luxury and nature in perfect harmony 🏡

The house is situated within a sprawling private estate, enhancing its overall beauty and appeal. Expansive windows provide breathtaking views, with the serene forest on one side and the tranquil river on the other, creating a stunning and harmonious connection with nature.

The attention to detail is extremely high, aimed at achieving the highest levels of comfort and enhancing the refinement of the design.


Scenic panoramic windows.

High attention to detail.

Located on a large private estate.

Overlooks both forest and river.

This custom wooden villa blends luxury and nature, providing a refined living experience in a picturesque setting.”

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