Luminous Living – KAGER

Luminous Living

Timber Frame


Lead Architect/ Kager House

Size/ 260 m2

Roof Shape/ Gable roof


The design of the glass wooden house seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor living. The division of the plot into a private garden and an entry plaza with remote parking areas allows for an uninterrupted connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Custom-made wooden Villa: Seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living 🏡

The majority of the ground floor is dedicated to the living area, where minimalist interior design takes center stage. Shades of vibrant yellow and blue follow a logical sequence.

The central area, where the dining room is located, exudes calmness, while the bright yellow of the kitchen and living room fills the space with positive energy.


Seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living.

Private garden and entry plaza with remote parking.

Minimalist interior design with vibrant colors.

Bright yellow kitchen and living room exuding positive energy.

“Sitting in the living room with the terrace doors open creates an enchanting experience, evoking the charm of forest clearings and streams.”

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