Mezzanine Nest – KAGER

Mezzanine Nest

Ground floor house


Lead Architect/ Marco Guiliano

Size/ 367 m2

Roof Shape/ Flat Roof


This custom-made wooden villa unfolds on a spacious flat area, featuring compact volumes interspersed with large windows on the south wall for passive solar contributions. It exemplifies sustainable architecture with its eco-friendly design featuring passive and active solar contributions.

Custom-made wooden villa: A blend of comfort and sustainability🏡

The living area boasts a cozy lounge seamlessly connected to the garden when the windows are open. A mezzanine adds a relaxation space with a reading corner and study area, illuminated by a beautifully whitened exposed roof. The windows are cleverly protected by a portico with adjustable external blackout curtains, adapting to solar inclination and seasonality.

A defining aspect of the project is the integration of photovoltaic and thermal systems on the southern aquifer for active solar contributions, ensuring energy efficiency.


Sustainable design with passive and active solar contributions.

Comfortable lounge with direct access to the garden.

Mezzanine for relaxation and study.

Certified class A4 energy efficiency.

Experience the perfect blend of comfort and sustainability in this custom-made wooden villa, where every detail is crafted for a harmonious living experience.”

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