Modern Simplicity – KAGER

Modern Simplicity


Lead Architect/ Andrea Ravagli

Size/ 182 m2

Roof Shape/ Gable roof


This project, designed by architect Andrea Ravagli, was developed according to the wishes of a family seeking a modern and simple house with clean lines, a white facade, large windows, and a strong connection to the garden.

Custom-made wooden Villa with pool: A tranquil modernity 🏡

The ground floor features a completely open space that connects directly to the outdoor pool and the green areas surrounding the house. This design ensures a seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living spaces, providing a perfect environment for family activities and relaxation.

The first floor is dedicated to individual work and rest for family members. It is divided into three spacious bedrooms, each with its own wardrobe and bathroom, respecting the privacy of every family member. Two of the bedrooms are further enhanced with balconies offering views of the beautiful garden.


Modern and simple design with clean lines.

Open concept ground floor with direct pool access.

A double-height internal open space.

Balconies with garden view.

“A double-height internal open space with a living area directly connected to the green space surrounding the house.”

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