Modern Tradition Home – KAGER

Modern Tradition Home

Gallery house


Lead Architect/ Miha Miholič

Size/ 250 m2

Roof Shape/ Combination of flat and gable roof


We present to you a project that perfectly encapsulates the harmonious blend of modern and traditional architecture. This unique Kager home is defined by a combination of flat and gable roofs, complemented by larch wood cladding. Large roof windows and an open design up to the ridge create a welcoming atmosphere, seamlessly integrating the house with its natural surroundings.

Seamless blend of traditional and modern design 🏡

The house is designed to ensure uninterrupted living for the owners on the ground floor, while the upper floor is entirely dedicated to the children. A spacious, bright living area connects to an upper gallery and playroom for children’s activities. The kitchen and dining area transition smoothly to an outdoor terrace and garden.

The visible structural elements inside highlight the detailed craftsmanship of the wooden surfaces. An open staircase, combining white with warm wood tones, exudes elegance and allows for a seamless flow of color schemes used throughout the home.


Combination of flat and gable roof with larch wood cladding

Spacious and light-filled interiors with large roof windows

Visible structural elements showcasing detailed wood craftsmanship

Properly shaded south-facing glass surfaces to prevent overheating

“This unique Kager home seamlessly blends modern and traditional architecture with its combination of flat and gable roofs, abundant natural light, and elegantly detailed wooden craftsmanship.”

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