Old House Reconstruction – KAGER

Old House Reconstruction




Lead Architect/ Elia Agazzone

Size/ 670 m2

Roof Shape/ Gable roof


We present you a project which is the reconstruction of a house that was built around 1900. The project was therefore subject to various restrictions, both urban planning and design environment as well as artistic and archaeological specifications.

Innovative reconstruction in historic city center 🏡

The challenge was to demolish and completely reconstruct two early 20th-century buildings while adhering to strict urban, landscaping, fine arts, and archaeological constraints.

The outcome was a meticulously crafted dual-structure complex, consisting of a 470 m² residential building spread over three floors and a mezzanine, alongside a 200 m² professional space.


Sustainable building materials.

Panoramic views.


Thoughtfully designed landscaping.

“Due to the breathtaking views of both sides of the house, the owner’s desire was for the entire glazing of both the front and entrance sides of the house.”

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