Portico Grande – KAGER

Portico Grande

Gallery house


Lead Architect/ Paolo Bertozzi

Size/ 246 m2

Roof Shape/ Gable roof


We present you a project that showcases our expertise in combining traditional and modern construction techniques. This custom-made wooden villa utilizes the mixed Xlam/frame construction system, incorporating insulating material exclusively of natural origin (wood fibre) to ensure zero emissions of potentially harmful substances.

Custom-made wooden Villa: Architectural excellence 🏡

Architecturally, this house is marked by meticulous attention to every detail. The facades feature a blend of traditional plaster finishes and local stone cladding, dry laid using the ventilated wall technique. The large fixed and sliding windows are designed without thresholds, creating seamless continuity between the interior and exterior spaces.

Externally, a 3-meter deep portico is impressively constructed without supporting pillars. The gable roof, covered in local stone, is complemented by surrounding terraces and a green roof garden.


A 3-meter deep portico without supporting pillars.

Gable roof covered in local stone.

A green roof garden.

Facades combining traditional plaster finish and local stone cladding.

“This custom-made wooden villa exemplifies sustainable luxury with its seamless blend of traditional and modern construction techniques, ensuring zero harmful emissions and optimal energy efficiency. “

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