Restore Revival – KAGER

Restore Revival



Lead Architect/ Andrea Folla

Size/ 400 m2

Roof Shape/ Traditional gable roof


We present you our remarkable achievement in the heart of Europe, we faced the exceptional challenge of revitalizing two historic buildings, protected by the heritage authority, which were in extremely poor condition.

Innovative restoration: A blend of history and modern technology 🏡

Our goal was to restore them to their authentic appearance using the same stones for the facades and preserving the original proportions. We achieved this with a brilliant twist: incorporating a wooden structure and modern energy-saving technologies. The result exceeded all expectations.

Two residential units and a photography studio with a 90 m² salon, constructed without supporting pillars (despite the need to support the upper floor’s weight), represent a true record for wooden construction. Additionally, this structure responded exceptionally well to the 2012 earthquake.


Authentic restoration with modern technology.

Wooden structure with no supporting pillars.

Energy-efficient solutions.

Exceptional earthquake resilience.

“This project not only reflects our dedication to preserving history and cultural heritage but also showcases our innovation and commitment to creating sustainable, energy-efficient solutions.”

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