Rural Glass House – KAGER

Rural Glass House

Timber Frame


Lead Architect/ Kager House

Size/ 176 m2

Roof Shape/ Gable roof


We present to you this unique glass wooden house, showcasing another dimension of our creativity – the integration of a wooden-glass structure with the construction of a rural house while preserving its architectural heritage. Located in a stunning hilly landscape, this beautiful villa presents unrivaled views of the surrounding natural beauty.

New dimensions of living in the picturesque landscape🏡

On the site of the current house, there once stood a farmhouse with an adjoining agricultural building and stable. When the current owners discovered this location, they immediately realized that it offered them something that living in city could not provide – rural life in a hilly area, offering pastures for the animals they had long desired, along with a peaceful life away from the city hustle and typical job obligations.

When developing the conceptual design, we had to ensure that it would complement the agricultural building on the plot and particularly respect the architectural heritage of the rural family house of this area. The classic elongated floor plan and steeply pitched gable roof were enhanced with an additional roof of the same type and pitch, covering part of the house and the carport.


Harmonious integration of wooden-glass structure with rural architecture.

Stunning views of the hilly landscape.

Classic elongated floor plan with a steeply pitched gable roof.

Complementary design respecting the architectural heritage of the area.

“It offers countless sunny mornings and days when the surrounding is shrouded in mist.”

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