Tailor Made Showroom – KAGER

Tailor Made Showroom

Flat roof house


Lead Architect/ Individual architect

Size/ 220 m2

Roof Shape/ Flat roof


The project was driven by the owner’s desire to have a new sales point with a modern image, while retaining the industrial nature that lies behind the company’s success.

Custom showroom: Modern design with an industrial touch🏡

The building is composed of two internal spaces: one used as a warehouse and one for sales to the public. The warehouse is completely enclosed, while the shop opens towards the outside to give visibility to the products being sold.

In terms of orientation, the building is closed to the west to avoid the low and hot summer afternoon sun rays and opened to the east to welcome the fresh morning light. To the south, a high and deep portico provides the necessary shade to avoid solar radiation during the central hours. To the north is the warehouse with reduced glass surfaces to meet storage needs.


Dual-purpose internal spaces for warehouse and sales.

West-facing closure to block afternoon sun.

East-facing opening for morning light.

South-facing portico for optimal shade.

“This custom showroom seamlessly combines modern design with industrial elements, featuring a dual-purpose layout, strategic orientation for optimal light and temperature control, and a high, deep portico for added shade.”

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