Tailored Modern Home – KAGER

Tailored Modern Home

Ground floor house



Lead Architect/ Giulio Berrino

Size/ 300 m2

Roof Shape/ Modern design


Boasting a contemporary and refined design, this wooden villa emphasizes stylish details and personalization. High customization is evident in unique features such as local granite thresholds and window sills.

Custom-made wooden villa: A fusion of modern design and personalized luxury🏡

The interior columns are made of wood and painted steel in various shades, creating a pleasant visual effect in the bedrooms. The gallery, with glass railings, is accessible via spiral stairs made of pre-cast concrete. All interior floors are covered with wood and ceramic tiles.

Great attention was paid to connecting the interior and exterior spaces, reflected in a large glass wall overlooking the green landscape and an extensive veranda usable all year round.


Personalized design with local granite and painted steel columns.

Open gallery with glass railings and spiral concrete stairs.

Extensive veranda usable year-round.

Seamless indoor-outdoor integration with large glass wall.

“Highlighting local granite and painted steel columns, this wooden villa includes an open gallery with glass railings and spiral concrete stairs and a versatile year-round veranda.”

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