Tourist Farm Reconstruction – KAGER

Tourist Farm Reconstruction



Lead Architect/ Individual architect

Size/ 349 m2

Roof Shape/ Traditional Alpine Design


We present to you a project realized in the heart of Logar Valley, Slovenia. This project involved the meticulous reconstruction of Jerca House, originally destroyed in World War II and rebuilt to serve as a family home. Over time, the owners decided on a thorough reconstruction to preserve its legacy and enhance its role in the local tourism sector.

Eco-Friendly Tourist Farm in the Heart of Logar Valley 🏡

The reconstruction was carried out with expert knowledge, extensive experience, and a fearless approach to new challenges, resulting in a new image that has become an integral part of Logar Valley’s tourist offerings. Due to its location within a landscape park, the renovation had to respect natural heritage and architectural principles of the cultural landscape.

Owner Avgust Lenar remarked: “In our alpine environment of Logar Valley, it was unprecedented for an investor to start demolishing and rebuilding a large traditional house in November, right before winter. We built the basic structure in a few days and integrated the building into the tourist offer by the summer season of the following year.”


Traditional alpine design with modern comforts.

Eco-friendly status with locally produced food.

Accommodation for 20 people in 6 rooms and 3 apartments.

Integration of natural heritage and architectural principles.

“The farm boasts an eco-friendly status, offering locally produced food. We are proud to have contributed to the revival of this tourist farm, located in one of the most beautiful alpine valleys in Europe.”

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