Volumetric Boxes – KAGER

Volumetric Boxes

Flat roof house


Lead Architect/ Andrea Calegari

Size/ 205 m2

Roof Shape/ Flat Roof


Featuring a modern design and custom architectural solutions, this home seamlessly integrates interior space with the exterior through direct volume correspondence. Expansive glass walls offer stunning scenic views, while thoughtful lighting enhancements add to the home’s sophisticated ambiance.

Custom-made wooden villa: A modern marvelšŸ”

Inspired by the interplay of simple shapes, the villa features a complex arrangement of staggered solid parallelepipeds, creating terraces, balconies, porches, and porticoes. These classical elements are expressed in a new, formal guise.

The light shapes the external forms through shadows during the day, emphasizing volumetric articulation. Inside, expansive windows foster a direct relationship with the private garden, enhancing the indoor-outdoor connection.


Modern design with custom architectural solutions.

Seamless indoor-outdoor integration.

Expansive glass walls with scenic views.

Thoughtful lighting enhancements.

kager house

“This custom-made wooden villa offers a modern marvel, where innovative design meets timeless appeal for an exceptional living experience.”

kager house

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