White Gleam – KAGER

White Gleam

Timber Frame


Lead Architect/ Kager House

Size/ 240

Roof Shape/ Gable roof


Combining modernity with tradition, this villa boasts an elegant and contemporary interior with a white-painted visible wooden structure. Expansive south-facing glass surfaces allow for ample natural light, and its strategic placement on the northern edge of the plot maximizes both space and sunlight.

Blending modernity with tradition in glass wooden house🏡

Inside the house, this harmony continues with a visible wooden structure painted white. The combination of wood, white, and black furniture creates an elegant and modern look that perfectly complements the exterior of the house. The elegance and cohesion of the white-black kitchen, dining room, and living room are enriched by a staircase with wooden steps in a natural shade, creating warmth and a pleasant atmosphere.

Due to the optimal use of the plot, the house is positioned on its northern edge, while large glass surfaces face the south side, allowing for the utilization of the sunny position and an abundance of natural light in the space.


Harmonious blend of modernity and tradition.

Elegant and modern interior design with white-painted visible wooden structure.

Large glass surfaces facing south for abundant natural light.

Positioned on the northern edge of the plot to optimize space and sunlight.

“With a skeletal structure and large glass surfaces, this house sets new standards in modern architecture while maintaining a close connection with our rich history, drawing inspiration from the Slovenian hayrack.”

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