May 28, 2014 Andrej Pulko

The first apartment house in France

A few days ago we have started with the assembly of the first KAGER HOUSE on the French market! Individual apartment house, in size of 430 m2, is built in a tourist village of La Chapelle Aubareil.

Penetration of the French market has been a great success since it applies to extremely close for all foreign services. New French business partner, an architect Daniel Larré Pérez and the investors have been convinced by our knowledge and our technical perfection of individual details. A group of architects from a design bureau Next Generation Home from Paris had designed an architectural extremely challenging idea for an apartment house in size of 430 m2, for which the completion of the project and the assembly have been trusted to our professionals.

Kager Hisa_montaza_Francija_04

A task of our designers was to carefully follow details and the combination of different materials and colors which were expected by Parisian architects and the investors. Cooperation of our design bureau and a Parisian one had always been on a high technological and a communicative level. After a month of working, the project was ready for the execution in our production.

 A very important role in a conclusion of this business has played our experience of doing business with other foreign partners and our ability to adapt to specific foreign business practices and the language.

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Villa Lascaux

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Apartment house

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Daniel Larré Pérez

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La Chapelle Aubareil, France

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Start of construction:

Spring 2014

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