Design and build a Vita Nova wooden house

Achieving high energy performance in a house, especially in a wood and glass construction using Vita Nova technology, does not depend solely on the characteristics of walls, ceilings, and windows but involves various factors.

First of all, the choice of materials used allows for higher or lower performance. In our case, we only use premium materials such as high-density wood fiber and high-performance structural glass for Vita Nova walls. Secondly, the application of construction technologies aimed at saving consumption counts, such as those we have refined over 30 years of research.

This brings us to the third point: intelligent design. Suppose the first two are fundamental for obtaining an excellent project. In that case, excellence cannot be achieved without a project that can make the most of the bio-climatic characteristics of the place where the house will be built.

Data such as the thermal coefficient of structural glass walls must be inserted into the context in which the Vita Nova wall is located, making a total balance in which the response of the house as a whole is analyzed.

Intelligent design orientation for Villa Vita Nova Kager
Villa wood glass Vita Nova night Kager
Villa Vita Nova nature orientation Kager

Intelligent design in practice

In practice, this translates into a series of architectural and energy solutions that influence the performance of the individual elements. An intelligent design must, therefore, take into account factors such as the optimal exposure of the rooms and the zenith rotation. Consequently, the provision of eaves, pergolas, porches, and terraces can protect the windows from direct sun in summer and favor radiation in winter when the sun’s trajectory is lower.

For example, the design of a house in a particularly sunny place with Vita Nova walls facing south should include the presence of overhangs that prevent the house from overheating. At the same time, in the winter months, the same overhangs would not represent a problem for cooling the house, as the sun is lower.

The technical verification of the projects

A house reacts like an organism to climatic conditions and energy needs: each element contributes to the functioning of the whole. It is up to the designer to optimize the composition of the walls, roof, reinforced concrete foundation plate, and external windows.

As builders, we take care to create only the projects proposed to us that meet these characteristics. Otherwise, we try, where possible, to make improvements in agreement with the designer. In the case of projects involving Vita Nova technology, Friedrich Kager himself takes care of the review.