When deciding to build a house that guarantees good energy performance, there are many aspects to consider. At Kager, we have made this one of our strong points, achieving excellent performance in the homes of the Vita Nova line.


We carefully select projects that can exploit the bio-climatic characteristics of their location. As specialists in active and passive insulation systems, we only use premium materials and apply various types of electrical systems using renewable sources.


Vita Nova wooden villa with glass windows without Kager consumption


Our materials, our technology

The combination of high-quality materials and technologies developed over the years allows us to build houses with exceptional energy performance. For wooden walls, we use high-density wood fiber, ensuring the best thermal and acoustic insulation. Kager construction technology achieves incredibly low thermal coefficients, ranging between 0.10 W/m²K and 0.14 W/m²K.


For glass, we use triple glazing with the lowest achievable thermal coefficient value today: 0.5 W/m²K. This ensures a constant temperature inside the home during both winter and summer.


Wood and glass villas Vita Nova interior Kager
Living room luxury villa wood glass Vita Nova Kager
Kitchen with large glass windows in Kager wood
Kitchen interior in vile wood Vita Nova Kager

Energy consumption: data at hand

Empirical data shows that temperature variations inside Kager homes are minimal in both summer and winter. In intense cold conditions, with the heating systems off, the temperature inside the house drops by only 1°C in 24 hours. During a very hot day, turning off the cooling system results in a variation of just 1°C over 24 hours.


A Vita Nova house measuring between 180 and 220 m² consumes between 15 and 18 KW/m²/year for heating, cooling, controlled mechanical ventilation, and domestic hot water.

Wooden glass house Vita Nova exterior

Our monitoring system

Measuring the performance of a house involves understanding how individual elements react to climatic conditions and energy needs as a whole. The exceptional nature of our creations lies in the balance of the entire project and the integration of each part into a single organism. This is why our homes fall into the A4 energy class or are categorized as “passive houses.”


With over 30 years of experience, we have created a monitoring network that keeps us updated on changes in living comfort and energy performance. Homes with structural glass walls have been among those that have most distinguished us in Europe.


By integrating premium materials, advanced technology and rigorous monitoring, we ensure that our Vita Nova homes provide unparalleled energy efficiency and comfort.