Building without stress
By decision for the house KAGER you enter the world without stress and sleepless nights. Once all your ideas are safe drawn on plans, you can just enjoy. The entire process of design, manufacture and assembly of the house is done till the end in the full implementation of the co

By decision for the house KAGER you enter the world without stress and sleepless nights. Once all your ideas are safe drawn on plans, you can just enjoy. The entire process of design, manufacture and assembly of the house is done till the end in the full implementation of the company Kager House, which shortens construction time and eliminates the possibility of procedural and communication errors that accompany building with several different contractors. The quality and value of the house are consequently higher and more reliable in the long term.

We present you the story of Mr Andrea Erbetta, an aviation engineer, who lives in the KAGER house in Boca, in the province of Novara, Italy. The concept for this individual house was designed by an Italian architect Mr Andrea Ravagli.
We were already in the final stages of negotiations with a contractor, when it turned out to be an unreliable partner. At the last moment I decided that I would not cooperate with him, and I just started from scratch. But at this point we were having a big problem with timing and a speed of execution, because before that we have carefully prepared for a future move with a strict timetable. Not only did the company KAGER-HOUSE solved all our previous problems, it has even turned out to be faster than any other potential contractor. Construction began in November 2013, and in May 2014 we were already able to move in to our new house.

When people build their new homes, they face themselves with extremely expensive investments, so the feeling of safety, reliability and cost control are the key criteria, by which we were extremely satisfied with the company KAGER.

Andrea Erbetta, Novara

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More than ten years have passed since we have moved into our house and I can say that the living comfort has even exceeded our expectations. When we developed a project for our house, we were on of the few people in Slovenia, who knew a modern glass-wooden construction from abroad. We knew that we can talk with Mr. Kager about our wishes, who listened to our wishes and developed them on a higher level.

We wanted a modern wooden house with many glass surfaces and a daring color combination. Basic wooden construction is in black, while the other parts are in white, thus  we achieved an elegance and a stylish perfection.
We didn’t decide for the KAGER house only for aesthetic reasons, but also for energy efficiency. During the winter sun warms the house through the glass surfaces and  allows us to save the energy while in summer the sun doesn’t come directly in, because of the wide roof overhangs.
The advantages of the KAGER  HISA are certainly professionalism, technical reliability, short time of execution and consideration of customer’s wishes. I am very pleased with my house and I am happy to recommend it to my friends.

Family Černe, Maribor

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The idea for the house had been created after wandering around the Scandinavian countries. Even then, we admired the wood as a natural element of energy efficiency. A wish of our family was to create a home, where we can enjoy nature in all seasons. After all considerations, we decided for the KAGER house. From the beginning we established a very constructive dialogue with individual approach and consideration of all our desires, which led us to the final image of our house. Many people ask us why wood? Our family has had a request for one of the materials, which is the most eco-friendly building material. And through the assembly of the house it has been shown that the wooden construction is the most clean, and particular, fast and healthy for the indoor living.

In close collaboration with the KAGER team we built our home, where we have created a timeless atmosphere with a pleasant microclimate and the energy-saving house. Living in our house is really pleasant, bright and open.

We sincerely thank the entire KAGER team.

The proud owners of the KAGER house from Gorenjska

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Superb living experience

Amazing speed of construction was accompanied by an initial amazement and enthusiasm, which was later continued with the implementation of quality and perfect design. Of course, it is worth mentioning the ambience and feel of the house, which remains excellent in extreme weather conditions such as cold winter or hot summer period. Given that we do not have a chimney; people often ask us whether we are cold. However, we are often asked by potential buyers of residential and other experiences and we can confirm that it is a very attractive house.

Peter and Klaudija Skubic

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House Jerca from the Logar Valley

In our alpine environment of Logar Valley has not happened yet, the investor would begin with demolition works and reconstruction of large traditional houses, with a length of 20 and width of 12 meters in the month of November and just before winter. Due to the fact that we have built the primary structure of the house in a few days and we have included our house in the tourist offer already in the next summer tourist season, many residents of our region changed the view of a timber-frame construction and renovation of facilities of this kind.

August Lenar

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When dreams come true!

Staying in a wooden house is pleasant and warm. Immediately upon moving in, it seemed as though we’ve lived in this house for a long time, everything has been so familiar and comfortable. Also each visitor to our house has confirmed this. And it is not only for the excellent living comfort, it is also a relationship where we didn’t have any problems during the construction and the time lag. All arrangements have been realized! If I choose again today, I would again decide for the Kager house.

Lara Savnik and Tadej Pojbič

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The house, which is not only a house

“If you feel in your own home at any time pleasant, the house gives you a feeling of security and warmth and if this feeling is felt by all those who visit you, regardless of all invested time and resources, you are the winner. So you can say to yourself and to the others at any time: “This is not a house, this is my home. And precisely this is the true for the house Kager in which we already enjoy more than five years.”

Susan and Janez Horvat

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Without stress and negative surprises

“Planning, setting up and finalization of the house Kager, it’s not just a job. This is a fact! In the foreground is a partnership, which still dominates the feeling that it’s not just a house but a home where someone lives, enjoys and warms himself in a cost-effective manner. A technical design of the house borders to perfection, all business arrangements, however, remind us of the holy commitment with no negative surprises and stress that we have experienced it in the classical construction of the cellar part of the house. “

Bruno Kozmin and Manuela Kuzmin Delgiusto

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