Our development - Our Vision
Our goal is to give the people a comfortable and safety living, a life full of inspiration.

Engineering is not our work, it’s our passion.

design and production of top quality products. But there is always only one guideline: to create an even better product. The product, which will bring an uncompromising satisfaction to the new owner. Each business development has to follow global trends, knowledge and demands of the profession, but also has to follow their own vision. Global trends and requirements are now more or less collected in the policies dictated by the criteria of sustainable building, but you always have to follow market demands and customer expectations.

Our guidance is also our own vision of the product development, which will realize our mental concept and our philosophy. Development and innovation have been a key part of the company KAGER HISA from the first day. In fact, Mr Friderik Kager founded the company on the basis of giving free rein to his innovations and dedication to the engineering profession. Even after 30 years, this momentum towards continuous search is strong as one the first day. Today, this approach is embodied in the new breed of engineers committed to follow the philosophy of the company to find new and better solutions.

From materials to architecture

The development of the company has a short-term and a long-term policy. The short-term is principally engaged in current projects, while the long-term represents the company’s vision. The harmonious development of both of them is necessary. KAGER HISA is a global company is operating on many markets in Europe and beyond. The requirements of individual markets are significantly differentiated, which represents a significant challenge to our engineers and, consequently, to manufacturing. Certainly, the varied range of our customers represents a huge advantage. This diversity of cultures, ages, ethnic backgrounds, experience and desires required ingenuity, adaptability and innovation. For this reason, we are better with each new project. The flow of ideas and concepts has been constant. The development is continuously carried out at all levels; from the use and implementation of materials to the integration of architectural challenges.

Cooperation with external institutions

With a desire for constant upgrading, we have been cooperating with various educational institutions and research centres. We can point to a very successful cooperation with the University of Maribor, with whom we carried out some very successful tasks and projects.
Among the others, we regularly host students from Scandinavia, which come to us for additional training and practice in the context of international projects.
Applied research conducted in the field of wood-glass hybrids is innovative on a global level. The results of these studies have been presented at major conferences in Canada and Europe.
The primary task of this research is to integrate glass elements in the outer envelope as an active link to the supporting structure of the building. The results that we have gained and which are upgraded as a part of the new research allow us to build even more daring glass-wood hybrids.

Company vision

KAGER houses are a metaphor for an extremely economical and eco-conscious use of all energy resources, including passive solar energy. They are characterized by a fusion of the outer and inner world. Substantial glass surfaces and their integration with the facade surfaces offer excellent link between internal and external living environment. Light floods the interior and creates a sense of spatial luxury and airiness. The interaction with the external environment creates a sense of life in contact with the nature that pampers us every day with different shades and experiences brought by the seasons.

Principles of the design and construction of the KAGER glass-wood house are:

– Intelligent design
– High-quality materials
– Energy conservation
– Systemic construction
– Healthy homes

Our vision is the development in accordance with the guidelines of sustainable building, while remaining faithful to our own vision and philosophy. We want our customers to come closer to nature through the touch of wood that is present in all architectural elements. But certainly we do not want that timber gives us any limits. For this reason, we are developing the details that allow us to build with timber in each and every climatic area or area with specific architectural requirements.

"Our goal is to give the people a comfortable and safety living, a life full of inspiration."