Living in VITA NOVA glasshouse
Why the reflection all of these changes through place if living is so important? It is important that we perceive changes through the interior of the outside world and also adapt them. Most of these perceptions happen on the subconscious level but they are crucial for our existence.

The oldest record of the architecture is a De Architectura of a Roman architect Vitruvius, who said that architecture is based on the coherence and balance of three principles: beauty (venustas), stability (firmitas) and utility (utilitas).


Principles of design and construction of VITA NOVA glasshouse:

  1. Intelligent design
  2. High-quality materials
  3. Conservation of energy
  4. Healthy home
  5. Systemic construction

Intelligent design

In the nature there are finally many resources that enable life. This is the reason that we have to act responsibly and rationally with these resources. From this point of view stems the idea and a lead: create as much as possible with as little as possible. This can be achieved in various ways. We save the materials when we choice the appropriate one. Using technology improves the quality of life while reducing the energy consumption required for the operation of the facilities. Health does not mean neglect of the environment. Sometimes it can mean just the opposite. The design of the facility as well as the choice of materials aims to longevity, which indirectly affects the long life of the entire building. Another feature to consider is the flexibility and usability of the facility. The flexibility and usability also help to stay relaxed and enjoying life and all this without restriction in lifestyle.

Homes should be built wisely but for a relaxing living, while remaining breathable and open. High ceilings, clean lines, full of natural light, warm materials make the home even more virtual and pleasant. Beside this technology can help us, while allows to the owner efficient control of heating, cooling and shading, as well as the protection of the building. All this parameters can be monitored and controlled simultaneously, resulting in consumption and efficiency.

High-quality materials

Every home is different. Each home reflects the particular needs and wishes of the owner and the environment in which it’s located. Because of this diversity requires the selection of materials will complete your home. When you are designing your new home, we advise you with the selection of materials. Equally important features are durability, easier maintenance and the possibility of subsequent recycling. We strictly use controlled original wood and as well isolation from processed wood-waste. At every step, we strive to reduce the environmental impact in terms of the use of materials throughout the entire life cycle of the building.

Conservation of energy

Wisdom and caution, intelligent design, engineering approach, careful manufacturing and assembly. The final result of appointed facts is to reduce the energy consumption in the process of formation. Your home will be throughout the life – friendly environment. This is achieved through intelligent design of the house, the use of natural resources such as solar power and the energy of the earth, with the installation of optimal insulation materials, using heat recovery technology and the use of renewable energy sources, which extensively reduce the power needed for quality living. Our goal is to build a zero or plus energy houses.

Systemic construction

It means systematization and standardization of certain production processes. These processes are purchase of materials, tailoring of materials, production of standard elements, installation of joinery, fabrication of facades, …

Standardization is done to save energy and materials and to work in controlled conditions. The systematize work processes and technologies are introduced in detailed procedure works and execution of all work operations which are necessary for the final quality of the product. We also perform control work processes that form the basis for quality products and are the foundation of quality houses. Each set of the house goes through predetermined control procedures.

Healthy home

Only a healthy home can be a happy home! They can exist only in a healthy environment. It can be built only with healthy materials, which do not contain toxic elements. Healthy homes provide a favorable and pleasant indoor climate by providing fresh air, balanced temperature, controlled air circulation and plenty of natural light. They are complemented by an open space that enables the growth of greenery inside and outside the house. Such homes provide unobstructed views to the outside and are the foundation of long-term development of the family as well as society.

KAGER GLASSHOUSE is a metaphor for an extremely economical and eco-conscious exploitation of all energy sources – including passive solar energy. We turn extensive wood-glass construction with a lot of transparency to the south and west, where they catch the most solar energy. On the other hand we turn on the north side smaller window surfaces. With this logic the heat is transferred into the house and at the same time it loses the minimum on the cooler side. In such design the heating costs are significantly smaller.


KAGER GLASSHOUSE resembles a fusion of the outer and inner world. Large glass surfaces and their merger with façade surfaces offer excellent link between internal and external living environment. Interaction with the external environment creates a sense of life in contact with nature, which spoil us every day with different shades of color and experiences through all seasons.

KAGER GLASSHOUSE can be due to the excellent insulation techniques proud of 40 percent glazed exterior walls, which is four times more than in classical architecture. In cold, but sunny days, the house receives as many as 25 percent of all the energy required for heating using only solar energy. Due to the large glazing is the link between external and internal environment outstanding.

Lightness of being, freedom


Lightness of being, freedom

The way of life blurs the boundaries between dedicated rooms such as the kitchen, dining and living rooms, playroom … By combining rooms, the result is one large volume in which we can breathe with full lungs. Large volume evokes in us a pleasant feeling of living and quality. By connecting rooms, light gets a free way. Spaces get high-quality light throughout the day.

Open space evokes in us a sense of freedom. It offers us the freedom we desire in our everyday lives. It offers us a path and a way of life that we want to live. Designing an open space as a place of stay is definitely a challenging job. The room still needs to be functional and aesthetically coherent.

Light and life


Light and life

Daylight varies throughout the day. In the morning, the waking day slowly brings light into the interior. In the evening, the day fades away and with it the natural light is replaced by the artificial one. Light is also changing due to the changing weather. The interior reflects a clear day, as well as the upcoming rain. The interior changes its appearance due to the position of the sun. Furthermore, the sun’s light colour changes with the seasons.

Why the reflection all of these changes through place if living is so important? It is important that we perceive changes through the interior of the outside world and also adapt them. Most of these perceptions happen on the subconscious level but they are crucial for our existence.

Contact with nature


Contact with nature

Over thousands of years of human co-existence, the love of nature and timber is rooted in all of us. Large transparent surfaces enable us the contact with nature at every moment of the day. They allow us to experience the neighbourhood at every hour of the day, at any time of the year and in any weather. Through the large glass area we see the first rays of the sun, waking up a new day.
From the shelter of our living room we look at the last rays of a cold autumn evening. With a book in our hands, we watch a drop of rain that predicts a storm in the distance. At the flames of fire coming from the fireplace, we watch the arrival of winter days which announce the first snowflakes.