Intelligent design.

In the nature there are finally many resources that enable life. This is the reason that we have to act responsibly and rationally with these resources. From this point of view stems the idea and a lead: create as much as possible with as little as possible. This can be achieved in various ways. We save the materials when we choice the appropriate one. Using technology improves the quality of life while reducing the energy consumption required for the operation of the facilities.


Health does not mean neglect of the environment. Sometimes it can mean just the opposite. The design of the facility as well as the choice of materials aims to longevity, which indirectly affects the long life of the entire building. Another feature to consider is the flexibility and usability of the facility. The flexibility and usability also help to stay relaxed and enjoying life and all this without restriction in lifestyle.

Homes should be built wisely but for a relaxing living, while remaining breathable and open. High ceilings, clean lines, full of natural light, warm materials make the home even more virtual and pleasant. Beside this technology can help us, while allows to the owner efficient control of heating, cooling and shading, as well as the protection of the building. All this parameters can be monitored and controlled simultaneously, resulting in consumption and efficiency.

High-quality materials.

Every home is different. Each home reflects the particular needs and wishes of the owner and the environment in which it’s located. Because of this diversity requires the selection of materials will complete your home. When you are designing your new home, we advise you with the selection of materials. We strictly use controlled original wood and as well isolation from processed wood-waste. At every step, we strive to reduce the environmental impact in terms of the use of materials throughout the entire life cycle of the building.

Conservation of energy.

Wisdom and caution, intelligent design, engineering approach, careful manufacturing and assembly. The final result of appointed facts is to reduce the energy consumption in the process of formation. Your home will be throughout the life – friendly environment. This is achieved through intelligent design of the house, the use of natural resources such as solar power and the energy of the earth, with the installation of optimal insulation materials, using heat recovery technology and the use of renewable energy sources, which extensively reduce the power needed for quality living. Our goal is to build a zero or plus energy houses.

Systemic construction.

It means systematization and standardization of certain production processes. These processes are purchase of materials, tailoring of materials, production of standard elements, installation of joinery, fabrication of facades, …

Standardization is done to save energy and materials and to work in controlled conditions. We also perform control work processes that form the basis for quality products and are the foundation of quality houses. Each set of the house goes through predetermined control procedures.

Healthy home.

Only a healthy home can be a happy home! They can exist only in a healthy environment. It can be built only with healthy materials, which do not contain toxic elements. Healthy homes provide a favorable and pleasant indoor climate by providing fresh air, balanced temperature, controlled air circulation and plenty of natural light. They are complemented by an open space that enables the growth of greenery inside and outside the house. Such homes provide unobstructed views to the outside and are the foundation of long-term development of the family as well as society.

LIVING in a VITA NOVA Glasshouse

Standards of Quality

Every house is individually designed in accordance with the customer’s demands, needs and wishes. In all these years more than 1000 families have trusted us their stories.

A path to your house

Your new house can only be built on a building plot. If you are in the process of purchasing plot of land, it is necessary to verify the ownership and to make sure that the plot does not have any debts.

5 reasons why KAGER

All technical details come from decades of experience from building various wooden structures and are based on the latest findings on eco-friendly materials. The company was founded in 1989, but the

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