Standards of Quality

All technical details come from decades of experience from building various wooden structures and are based on the latest findings from friendly materials. The company was founded in the year 1989, but the first contacts with the prefabricated houses began in the 1970’s, when we acquired our knowledge and experience in the markets of America.

CE mark

Certificate of Conformity (CE mark) ensures a compliance with the essential requirements regarding safety of the facility:

  • mechanical resistance and stability,
  • fire safety,
  • sustainability,
  • economy and
  • healthyliving climate.

The requirements must be fulfilled for the release of hazardous substances, air-tightness and water resistance. Thermal and sound insulation and sound absorption are verified and consistent with the intended use.

Mark of Quality DIN 1052

All of our homes meet the equally demanding German standard DIN 1052, which prescribes the proper execution of construction and environmental security, fire and earthquake safety and sound insulation.

RAL certificate

High quality built-in materials, sophisticated manufacturing and precision assembly of KAGER houses demonstrates RAL certificate issued by the Bundes-und Gütegemeinschaft FfM Montagebau Fertighäuser eV or Holzforschung Austria.