Take pleasure in the bright daylight, merge with nature, build your home and be in the centre of your living. KAGER houses present all these elements.

The family firm KAGER has followed the values they believe in – quality, perfection and individuality since 1989.

KAGER is a Slovene brand which combines building engineers, architects, numerous tradesmen and plenty of satisfied customers. The unique, tailor-made houses come to life under the carpenters’ and joiners’ vigilant eyes.


More than 1000 families live in KAGER houses in Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. Their experiences and stories can be an inspiration for you to create your own house in cooperation with us and our architects. Every single house is a story on its own; there simply are not two identical houses. The catalogue you are browsing through is meant to inspire and awake your creativity.


Company vision.

KAGER houses are a metaphor for an extremely economical and eco-conscious use of all energy resources, including passive solar energy. They are characterized by a fusion of the outer and inner world. Substantial glass surfaces and their integration with the facade surfaces offer excellent link between internal and external living environment. Light floods the interior and creates a sense of spatial luxury and airiness. The interaction with the external environment creates a sense of life in contact with the nature that pampers us every day with different shades and experiences brought by the seasons.


Our vision is the development in accordance with the guidelines of sustainable building, while remaining faithful to our own vision and philosophy. We want our customers to come closer to nature through the touch of wood that is present in all architectural elements. But certainly we do not want that timber gives us any limits. For this reason, we are developing the details that allow us to build with timber in each and every climatic area or area with specific architectural requirements.


Principles of the design

Principles of the design and construction of the KAGER glass-wood house are:

  1. Intelligent design
  2. High-quality materials
  3. Energy conservation
  4. Systemic construction
  5. Healthy homes
"Our goal is to give the people a comfortable and safety living, a life full of inspiration."

Standards of Quality

Every house is individually designed in accordance with the customer’s demands, needs and wishes. In all these years more than 1000 families have trusted us their stories.

A path to your house

Your new house can only be built on a building plot. If you are in the process of purchasing plot of land, it is necessary to verify the ownership and to make sure that the plot does not have any debts.

5 reasons why KAGER

All technical details come from decades of experience from building various wooden structures and are based on the latest findings on eco-friendly materials. The company was founded in 1989, but the

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