10 reasons for wooden-glass house

A decision to build a house does not only mean the fulfilment of life, but also an investment into life. That is why it is so important that your house precisely suits your expectations – your taste, habits, daily rhythm and lifestyle. There is a pleasant way to your new home with KAGER creative engineering since we are at your disposal with our professional knowledge and good will before, during and after the construction. We look forward to visiting you at your building plot or meeting you at our company in Ptuj. We invite you to give us a call or send us an e-mail so we can set up a date for our meeting.


1. Fast

A prefabricated house is assembled on a site in three days. Since the construction (except screeds) is dry, does not require lengthy drying and the house is available immediately.

2. Precise

Prefabricated parts of the house are carefully cut according to the detailed three-dimensional computer designs; there are no errors in the construction and with many great details.

3. Earthquake safe

Prefabricated houses are lightweight and flexible and, therefore, much more earthquake safe.

4. ECO

Houses are built from renewable natural materials; construction volume is lower than in conventional construction. Little energy is needed for its production and assembly.

5. Easy to foundation

Less excavation, less formwork, reinforcement simpler, faster construction, above all, uncompromising conducted thermal insulation of the house under the foundation slab.

6. Predictable

During the computer simulation and actual implementation are virtually no deviation and negative surprises. The construction requires less supervision and fewer contractors.

7. Flexible

Wood is a building material that can easily be removed or added if the application requires changes over time.

8. Energy-saving

All the joints of structural parts and windows and doors that otherwise create thermal bridges have been pre-planned and properly treated.

9. Slovenian potential

Slovenia, one of the most forested countries, sells timber abroad only as a raw material. To the Slovenian producers, it is returned with added value and costs. This represents a great gap in development and an employment potential.

10. Healthy and pleasant

Wood is a natural material, and has a positive impact on health and well-being. It creates a warm and homey atmosphere.